Cannabis Law Presentation by Doug Wasser, Esq.

Doug Wasser, Attorney and Cannabis law expert spoke at The Forum on Cannabis Law. He brought us all up to date on the latest developments in this exploding industry and a lively discussion ensued. Listen to the audio transcript here: The PW is: qLg$^0+. (Include the period) The presentation starts at 00.13.10

What To Do When Your Close Rate Dips

What can a business do to counteract a dip in the historical close ratio enjoyed by a Network!Network! member law firm? This was a question that confronted us at a recent round-table. A consultant offered several pieces of excellent advice. Make sure that you have the right qualifying questions. If you don’t know whether or […]


Vikram Rajan presented at this month’s Forum on the Top 5 Internet Marketing Trends for your small firm in 2017. View the video below.  

Moving Beyond Cold Calling

At a recent Around the Horn session, we were presented with a question from the principal of a new company. He told us about his cold-calling efforts, which were largely successful—but he was curious if there was another way to get his venture off the ground. The group came up with several ideas.  Targeted Seminars  […]

VIDEO: The Emotional Intelligence of Money – Brenda Smith

Brenda Smith presented at The Forum on how emotions affect our decisions about money. Brenda Smith is a strategic wealth coach. In this video, Brenda provides insights on the inner impulses that drive our investment decisions, and how we can avoid making the wrong decisions at the wrong time. Watch the video below  

When Is Late Rude?

We’ve all heard the old saw about how it’s de rigueur to be fashionably late. We once, many years ago, arrived very late (I won’t say how late) to a dinner party and were mortified to find everybody else already seated at the dinner table. So, the next time we were invited to dinner (somewhere […]

Compensating Sales Staff: To Be (in the Office) or Not to Be

At a recent Around the Horn session, we fielded a question from a gentleman who was a successful franchisee of a fast-growing business that had a strong sales component. He and his management team created a leadership structure, new mission statement, and are now considering an adjustment to their compensation plan to make it “salary […]

Hiring: Give It the Attention You Deserve

At a recent Around the Horn Session, the group was introduced to someone who needed to hire, but he wasn’t sure about how to go about getting it all organized. The new employee’s responsibilities were to be developing relationships.

VIDEO: Discover the 3 Pillars That Are Mission Critical for Business Growth

Rochelle Lisner presents the 3 pillars that are mission-critical for business success at this month’s Network!Network! Forum. Rochelle is the Founder and Business Growth Strategist at Dynamic Business Growth View the video:

Scaling Your Business: What Are the Tradeoffs?

When a business grows so much that it can no longer find spare parts in its own warehouse, you have to ask yourself: Is it really successful? What tradeoffs have to be made in order to ensure a business isn’t scaling too fast? This was the subject of a recent Around the Horn session. As […]

VIDEO: Why Inbound Marketing is the Future

Anthony Butler of Can-Do Ideas shows Network!Network! members why Inbound Marketing is the future. Watch the video of the presentation.  

Scaling Up for the Solo Practitioner

Going to networking events takes time, but the rewards of meeting new people include learning about great “inside information” for free. At a recent Around the Horn session, a participant received heaps of good advice from experts in their fields.  Question: What is the best way for a solo practitioner to scale up?  More than […]

VIDEO: Strategies for Success: Business & Personal Planning

This month’s forum features Michael Gansl and Micheal Korn sharing insights on how business owners can make plans in order to attain their financial and personal goals.

Establishing an Online Presence or I Saw You Online

It was at an Around the Horn session last month that someone proposed a question dealing with an issue that, although years in the making, still seems new to many people.  We’re a unique company and we want to go about establishing a web presence in the best way possible. How do we do it? […]

VIDEO: Sean O’Rourke on Cyber Insurance

New Kid On The Block: Cyber Liability Insurance – Sean C. O’Rourke Sean gave a presentation on why companies may need insurance to protect against cyber attacks and loss of data.      

Beyond Branding: What Is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

I am pleased to share the results of another Around the Horn forum session. The question at hand, this time, was, “What is your USP?” USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition—what sets you apart from the pack. It’s a People Thing People-centered philosophies were the focus for many of our participants. Their USPs dealt with […]

VIDEO: 5 Employment Pitfalls for Employers

Lisa M. Brauner of Perlman and Perlman presented this month’s Forum on: 5 Employment Pitfalls for Employers.

How to Present Like a Pro

We’ve all attended numerous presentations at functions such as trade shows. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. But what makes good presentations good? Remember that speaking engagements often lead to connections, providing you with a wellspring of prospects or lead sources. This was the discussion at a recent Around the Horn forum […]

What Can You Do in Your Business During a Slow Period? If Business Is Slow, Do You Rest?

Last October, during a recent Around the Horn session, a business owner asked what he could do during a slow period.  The first suggestion was an obvious one — don’t stop marketing your business, both in high and low demand periods. The next recommendation came from a group member who works as a professional presentation […]

VIDEO: How to Get a Tax Deal with the IRS by Jack Sullivan

Jack Sullivan gives a Forum talk on getting a better dal with the IRS.

What Happens When a Client Sees You as an Employee?

As an independent contractor, what happens if a client treats you like an employee? This question was asked of attendees at a recent Around the Horn session. There were many great suggestions on how to handle this issue:  Stop giving free advice! Billing clients is one way of calling their attention to the fact that […]

VIDEO: Does Your Website Suck? By Peter Levinson

Peter Levinson provides valuable insights on how to design websites that work for your business at this month’s Forum.

Knowing When to Walk Away

When should you walk away from potential business? This was the question posed during a recent Around the Horn session. The answers were as varied as the members of the group: A sales trainer believed that time is critical. If you believe a potential customer is not ready, be upfront with them, then walk away.  […]

VIDEO: Bobbie Foedisch Talks About Linked In Strategies

Bobbie Foedisch of All About Leverage gives this month’s Forum talk. Bobbie is a Linked In and Social Selling expert who offers trainings and strategy to individuals and corporations on how to leverage their connections to build a referral network. Here is the video of her talk at the Forum event. Check it out!

When Approaching a Potential Customer, Always Go for No!

What do you do as a business professional when a prospect won’t follow up? This was one of the concerns from a member during a recent Around the Horn session. There were many suggestions for how to handle this challenge: Always go for no. You don’t want to deal with wishy-washy people. You want to […]

VIDEO: The State of Real Estate in New York

A Network!Network! Panel discuss trends, news and what’s changing in the NY Real Estate market.

VIDEO: What to Say at a Networking Event

In this video, Dave Bresler, the founder of Network!Network!, provides valuable insights on best practices in business networking.  

How Can You Deal with a Bumpy Market?

When markets move, how can any negative effects it may have on your enterprise be reduced? This was the question posed from a business owner during a recent Around the Horn session. One of the group members commented that it’s a matter of critical mass. Anticipate the bump and bring on interns (typically for low […]

How Do You Create Depth Within Your Organization?

As a business owner, what happens if you want to take some time away from the daily operations of your business? Do you have someone with whom you are confident in their abilities to handle the reins, to manage the helm? You must find subordinates who can fill in for you if you go on […]

VIDEO: How to Accelerate Your Business Growth – Rochelle Lisner

“How to Kick Fear to the Curb to Accelerate Business Growth.” Rochelle is the founder of Dynamic Business Growth.  

VIDEO: Trademarks: Protecting Your Brand by Michael Steger

Learn how you can protect your valuable asset—your company trademark. Watch Mike Steger’s presentation at the Network!Network!Forum.

VIDEO: B2B Internet Branding

View Michael Schein, Valerie Paik and Petia Bradshaw present on B2B Internet Branding.

VIDEO: Entrepreneurial Thinking in a Changing World – Lew Bader

Lew Bader provides precious insights into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in our fast changing world. Click here to view the video on YouTube

Busy Work: Fresh Perspectives on an Old Problem

At our latest Around the Horn session, the room was packed with some of the best and brightest minds in Manhattan. The first person we heard from was an executive who could not find enough time for business development because he was consumed with busy work. The solutions offered from the professionals in the room focused […]

Is Cold Calling Giving You the Chills?

{Read in 2.5 minutes} How do we get back to a less digital, more personal kind of marketing? It used to be possible to reach a potential client by picking up the phone and – if you could convince the gatekeeper to put you through – you could gain a brand new connection.

VIDEO: How to Improve Your Presentation Skills – Mark Hofmaier

Mark Hofmaier presents How to Improve Your Presentation Skills at the Network!Network! Forum.

VIDEO: Data and Identity Security Best Practices – Sean O’Rourke

Sean O’Rourke presents Data and Identity Security Best Practices at the Network! Network! Forum. Security is a big issue today, and Sean offers real solutions for individuals and businesses.  

VIDEO: What Type of Entity Should Your Small Business Be? Jack Sullivan

Watch a video presentation by Jack Sullivan on Business Entity selection.  

VIDEO: Understanding Decision Dynamics in Family-Owned Businesses – Tamar Gisis

View our video of Tamar Gisis’ presentation at the Network!Network! Forum.  

Learning From Your Peers At Network!Network!

Network!Network! is a New York-based networking group for business leaders from all sectors. The power of learning from others’ experiences is on full display each time Network!Network! holds one of its 12 monthly roundtables. One of our favorite parts of each meeting is what we call Around the Horn. During the Around the Horn session, business owners […]

Dealing With Client Who Are Always in Arrears

How do you deal with a client who is always in arrears?   (Summarized from a recent Around the Horn round-table segment.) Most of us, if we have been in business for any length of time have had to deal with this problem.  You have a client, maybe even a large client, that is always […]

VIDEO: Small Businesses: Big Targets for Fraud – Lindsey Neff

Forum presentation by Lindsay Neff on the ways to protect your business from fraud.  

How Logo & Brand Recognition Impact Business Development – Priscilla Baer

Forum presentation on how a professional brand can build recognition for your business and impact your bottom line.

How Small Businesses Can Become Big Players on the Internet

A Forum Presentation by Michael Shein Network!Network! members enjoyed a presentation on how even small businesses can build a presence on the Internet. Watch the video of the entire presentation below.    

VIDEO — How to Make a Killer Elevator Pitch

Network!Network! Forum with Rochelle Lisner

When do you ask for a referral?

The other day, during the “Around the Horn” portion of NN9, one of our round-tables, the problem of when to give a referral was posed.  The discussion was, as usual, lively and chock full of interesting and informative experiences.  Fred Gasior, a moving consultant and the principal of Team Relocation Managment offered that you ask […]

To Bid or Not to Bid

To Bid or Not to Bid (Topics from Around the Horn) The other day at my Network!Network! round-table meeting, there was an intriguing topic broached by one of our members.  It was a topic that had some legs as it has appeared before and, as such,  I would like to share it with you.  The […]

What’s So Great About Smiling

What’s So Great About Smiling  What is it about smiles that, at least to Americans, are so appealing?  I was buying some what-not at my local CVS and when I chanced to smile at the checkout clerk who smiled back at me with a 100 watt smile.  There was no apparent flirting going on.  And, […]

The Network!Network! Round Table & Around the Horn

 The Network!Network! Round Table & Around the Horn The Network!Network! round-table is divided into 3 segments: Segment one is a twice-around-the-room series of presentations about the participants’ businesses – what they do, who an ideal client might be, who a good lead source would be and like that. Everyone gets 4 minutes. Then we do […]


Attitude Networking is all the rage now-a-days and there are books, blogs, monographs galore on the how-to’s of networking.  You can learn the art of starting a conversation and ending a conversation.  You can learn when and how to offer your business card and when not to.  You can get tips on selecting a group […]

How Do I Appear To Clients

This is not only a concern for solo-preneurs and start-ups, but really, for companies of every size. But, it is of paramount concern for small businesses. This was an issue addressed in a recent ‘Around the Horn’. It was the general consensus that the first thing a small business must do is secure an internet […]