Is Cold Calling Giving You the Chills?

Is Cold Calling Giving You the Chills? By Dave Bresler

{Read in 2.5 minutes} How do we get back to a less digital, more personal kind of marketing? It used to be possible to reach a potential client by picking up the phone and – if you could convince the gatekeeper to put you through – you could gain a brand new connection.

Today, there aren’t any gatekeepers, and it is unlikely that your target person will return the call. In fact, if anyone even answers the phone it is a small miracle.

On the other hand, networking is a great way to get targeted and warm introductions. Network!Network! has a few suggestions to make it easier:

  • Call at odd times. If you’re looking for an executive, he or she will likely be at the office after 5, so they might pick up the phone.
  • Cold calling doesn’t work and creates a bad rep. for the caller’s company. Keep your great reputation, and make it a warm call instead.
  • Ask for recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn. 
  • Have a dinner for your top 20 connections and tell them about your business.
  • Exercise all of your contacts. You’re likely to find somebody who knows somebody that is looking for exactly what you are offering.
  • Rank your contacts. For example: people that send you business, people you are trying to work, and people you just know.
  • For those who send you business: Be in contact with them on a regular basis.
  • For people you are trying to woo: Continue to contact them on a fairly active basis.
  • People you just know: Contact them once a year, or whatever is a reasonable frequency based on your relationship.

Networking is a continual, parallel and interconnected set of lines. With all the different sets of contacts you may have on all the different channels, there are often common connections throughout. Come in from the cold calling of the past and utilize your connections! Visit Network!Network! for more ideas and advice to help grow your referrals.

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