How Do You Create Depth Within Your Organization?

How Do You Create Depth Within Your Organization? by Dave Bresler

As a business owner, what happens if you want to take some time away from the daily operations of your business? Do you have someone with whom you are confident in their abilities to handle the reins, to manage the helm?

You must find subordinates who can fill in for you if you go on vacation (or so you can go on vacation). You will also need support if you and/or members of your family fall ill, or if you have other obligations that must be honored.

Here are a few suggestions on finding that right person to fill your shoes in your absence:

  • “Don’t simply delegate; teach them how to run the business. This will inspire and generate leaders rather than people who just ‘do the job.’”
  • “When a subordinate comes up with solutions, they own it.”
  • “Infrastructure and Process will enable both your time away and also contribute to an exit/succession plan.”
  • “Identifying the right person, obviously, is critical to the success of this process.”
  • “Find people who can deal with people and then train them to do the technical work.”
  • “Look in odd places – waiters, service personnel who come to support your business.”
  • “Communicate and be transparent: What are the possibilities? What do they need to improve in order to be considered? What is happening in the marketplace and in the business that they should be aware of?”
  • “Create an atmosphere where everyone is valued for who they are. The cream will rise.”

Avoid burnout and find someone to take the reins so you can rest and recharge your batteries. For more tips and ideas, visit Network!Network!

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