David is one of the most experienced and effective networkers I know.  He has helped me take my networking to another level and his assistance and advice have helped me grow my business.  I would highly recommend David and Network!Network! to anyone from a networking newbie to a networking master.

I have known David since he was a co-member of a networking group seven years ago. Now he sits at the head of the table as the president of Network!Network!. He has always been an open and creative networker, actively bringing people together. He has brought that sense of zeal and fun to Network!Network!. Dave is not just about the business; he is all about making sure that his clients come first, delivering more than is promised or expected. You could not find a better model for a networker or entrepreneur, or friend, for that matter.

What to say about David Bresler…
David is always the most positive person in the room.
So much so, that when he told me he was starting Network Network, I wanted to support him by joining.
David is remarkable.
In a world of pessimism David is a portable Sunshine.
His words and actions match.
Those are the highest compliments I can give.

I have known David since 2005. He is always willing to go above and beyond to assist in any way possible. His out-of-the box thinking makes him perfect at providing solutions to unusual problems. David’s willingness to help others permeates through all he does. He is a rare breed of honesty and integrity.

David is one of the more creative people I have had the privilege to work with. He is also one of the smartest and nicest people I know. I recommend him without hesitation or reservation.

I’ve known David for many years and during that time he has always helped me grow my business. He’s the “go to” person when I needed marketing assistance and day to day selling ideas.David is a business professional all the way and closes deals.

Tough, determined, diligent and extremely personable. Those traits are at top of mind when I think of Dave Bresler. I first had the good fortune to meet Dave when we both served as founders and board members of the Westchester Information Technology Cluster in 1999.And I enjoyed the benefit of his deep experience, his thinking and his advice when I hired him to work on a special project in 2002. He’s a mensch and a natural connector.

David is the first guy I think of when I want an astute opinion on marketing and company-growth. Chock full of useful insights, this fellow!