Establishing an Online Presence or I Saw You Online

Establishing an Online Presence or I Saw You Online by Dave Bresler

It was at an Around the Horn session last month that someone proposed a question dealing with an issue that, although years in the making, still seems new to many people. 

We’re a unique company and we want to go about establishing a web presence in the best way possible. How do we do it?

The first suggestion was to produce some content on video—for the website, for YouTube, and for newsletters. People now are searching videos more than they’re searching text-based content. So the smart marketer should have videos “out in the ether.” Also, be sure to obtain some video testimonials from your happy clients. Testimonials, in general, get a lot of attention from potential clients, but video testimonials even more so. 

Another suggestion for making your site visible is also useful in helping to bury any negative publicity. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of using certain keywords to elevate your position in search engine results—and the most popular search engine by far is Google. By elevating the content you author and approve of, negative entries get relegated to the back of the line. 

The next suggestion was to establish a blog and send out newsletters. “It doesn’t have to apply to everybody all the time but it should apply to you all the time.” Again, the idea is to put things out into the ether: if you write it, they will come. 

The option of paid advertising was also brought up—not on traditional media, but using Google AdWords. AdWords are flexible tools that target users based on their browser history and the search terms they use. It can be used for local, regional, and national campaigns, and offers several distinct products from Pay-Per-Click to targeted, interactive banner ads. 

One attendee suggested coming up with a punchy, pithy tagline to adorn the space underneath the company’s logo. Think: “Just Do It.” 

Even though it is not a strictly online activity, attending networking events is the icing on the cake. First, it benefits you by placing you in the same room as potential clients. Networking events also provide excellent forums for you to speak about your industry and whatever it is you are doing that sets you apart. Furthermore, along with your blogs and newsletter, networking allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. 

What are your strategies for establishing an online presence?

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Skyline Genesis Event Marketing is the authorized New York City/Westchester/Rockland County dealer for Skyline Exhibits, a global leader within the trade show industry. Established in 1980, Skyline is THE source for remarkable face-to-face marketing experiences. Skyline offers trade show and event exhibits to match any size and budget, ranging from tabletop displays and portable displays to modular inline exhibits and large-scale island exhibits. Skyline makes over 20 different exhibit systems, including pop ups, banner stands, panel systems, fabric structures, truss and other structural, custom modular exhibit systems. Turn-keyExhibit Management services include storage, preps, inspections and show services. Our Skyline team is over 1,500 strong and is always ready to provide exhibitors expert worldwide service and support in 128 design centers in 31 countries.

As North America’s leading exhibit system builder, Skyline exhibits are known for their high quality, great design, cost-saving portability, and innovative functionality. Our history of creativity, innovation, and performance includes over 100 patents and winning all the major U.S. exhibit industry awards, including Best of Show at Exhibitor Show and TS2. Skyline Genesis Event Marketing doesn’t just build booths; we build businesses by hosting progressive marketing seminars and by supporting pre/at/post show promotions, trade show staff training and lead generation/management.

SkyGEM locations include a convenient Design Center/Showroom in Manhattan, a F2F Marketing Center/Showroom in Chestnut Ridge, NY and our Main Showroom/Operations facility located in Secaucus, NJ. Email [email protected] or call us at 212.647.7600 for more information.

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Rochelle-Lisner-portraitIn today’s business world, ideas are a dime a dozen, implementation is priceless! Ideas without implementation is a hallucination. How many of your key initiatives actually make it to the finish line?

I work with business owners and key talent to identify which project, if focused on, would make the biggest difference in their business.

This could be:

1. The necessity to scale key talent

2. Create a new vertical of business opportunity

3. Killer presentations to drive sales success…Are you Story Telling or Boring Telling?

4. The motivation and mindset needed for business today

What area of your business would thrive if there were focus, strategic action and accountability?

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Rochelle Lisner is a business advisor who does trouble shooting in growing sales, scaling key talent and creating a motivating company culture.

The results have been attracting and keeping great talent, creating an environment where people love to come to work and most important, increase revenue.

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Clients come to us every day because they struggle to leverage the business opportunity the web can bring. Becoming an influencer, adapting to new technologies and creating powerful language that closes new business is where we step in. Their reputation is at stake and word of mouth is no longer enough.

Staying current is crucial to every business. Who wants to work with a dinosaur? Our 3-step process starts with the brand, is inspired by storytelling, sensational design, and driven by a thoughtful web strategy that supports ongoing business growth.

Your business is our priority.

Your business goals are the core of our marketing strategy and where the real potential is.
Our focus is supported by a full range of disciplines:

  • Brand Design: Creating a narrative that positions businesses as influencers
  • Responsive Website Design (mobile-friendly websites)
  • Graphic Design (Logos, biz cards, trade show banners, brochures, direct mail and more)
  • Sales Presentations that close business (Power Point)
  • Copywriting for web pages, blogs and landing pages
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social media strategy
  • Inbound marketing (Creating content on a regular basis for blog articles, eBooks, newsletters and more)

The contribution we can make to your bottom line is measurable. Our clients have seen increases in their business from 37% to 200%. You can too.

How to refer me! Use this section to cut and paste when introducing network9:

Hi friend,

I network often and sometimes come across people I want to connect with my friends and colleagues. Carmen from Network9 is one of those people.

She is ferocious about her clients using influential language to tell their story and using current marketing technologies. She understands marketing supports business growth and knows how to get clients to open their wallets. She is there with her clients for the long haul.

From websites to presentations to article writing, she has the team to create trust, likability and influence for companies. Definitely contact her and have a cup of coffee.

We build brands people fall in love with.

Portrait-Carmen-YazejianIn a world where everything is about relationships, you can count on Network9 to connect your brand to your ideal client where the response will be “Love at first sight.”

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