Bruce Kletsky

Bruce J. Kletsky – Managing Director, FI-Group USA ( – 630.258.4981

Bruce is a trusted tax advisor focusing on the Research & Development (R & D) tax incentive. In this role, works with CPA’s, Attorney’s, Bankers, Financial advisors, and their clients, to identify and uncover federal and state R & D tax incentives that are frequently missed or misunderstood. In fact, this is the most “robust” tax incentive available!

Having successfully managed over 500 corporate portfolio’s, Bruce helps corporations identify traditional and non-traditional R & D activities; minimize risk by providing tools that meet IRS documentation requirements to create a transparent and “Best Practice” that will help generate “cash flow”, and benefit clients for many years.

Bader, Lew

Lew Bader is Finance Director at Counseling in Schools, a nonprofit organization located in New York City.  CIS provides counseling services to more than 25,000 students across 70 schools in the five boroughs.  This is accomplished by embedding professional social workers within the schools for the entire school year and having them become part of the fiber of the school community. Going beyond simply meeting with a student for an hour a week, CIS delivers programs for entire groups of students, provides outreach to parents and conducts professional development training for teachers and administrators.  The staff of CIS helps children develop their resilience so that they can thrive in school and succeed in life.

Lew Bader is Finance Director at Counseling in Schools, a nonprofit organization that provides counseling to more than 25,000 students and professional development services to teachers and administrators in New York City.

Diehl, Glenn

Glen Diehl


Skyline Genesis Event Marketing



Portable, Custom Modular Designer/Producer, Full Service Exhibit Management

Skyline Genesis Event Marketing is the authorized New York City/Westchester/Rockland County dealer for Skyline Exhibits, a global leader within the trade show industry. Established in 1980, Skyline is THE source for remarkable face-to-face marketing experiences. Skyline offers trade show and event exhibits to match any size and budget, ranging from tabletop displays and portable displays to modular inline exhibits and large-scale island exhibits. Skyline makes over 20 different exhibit systems, including pop ups, banner stands, panel systems, fabric structures, truss and other structural, custom modular exhibit systems. Turn-keyExhibit Management services include storage, preps, inspections and show services. Our Skyline team is over 1,500 strong and is always ready to provide exhibitors expert worldwide service and support in 128 design centers in 31 countries.

As North America’s leading exhibit system builder, Skyline exhibits are known for their high quality, great design, cost-saving portability, and innovative functionality. Our history of creativity, innovation, and performance includes over 100 patents and winning all the major U.S. exhibit industry awards, including Best of Show at Exhibitor Show and TS2. Skyline Genesis Event Marketing doesn’t just build booths; we build businesses by hosting progressive marketing seminars and by supporting pre/at/post show promotions, trade show staff training and lead generation/management.

SkyGEM locations include a convenient Design Center/Showroom in Manhattan, a F2F Marketing Center/Showroom in Chestnut Ridge, NY and our Main Showroom/Operations facility located in Secaucus, NJ. Email or call us at 212.647.7600 for more information.

212-647-7600 x112

Rajan, Vik

Gansl, Michael

Michael Gansl, “The Seasoned Voice of Reason™ “ is a hands-on entrepreneur and trusted advisor specializing in working with both leaders and teams of individual contributors to implement business development and revenue growth opportunities.

His unique ability is to objectively analyze a situation or problem, break the pieces down to their lowest common denominators, and then rebuild the components and synthesize a solution.

Michael is passionate about how the entrepreneurial spirit works for a small business owner and how he can help them harness that spirit to grow their business.

Michael’s company, Voice of Reason Consulting is focused on working with small business who find growth and increasing revenue a challenge and are open to an outsider taking an inside look at their business. The Company’s mission is to “turn business owners into CEO’s“.

Voice of Reason Consulting  specialties include working with start-ups and more mature companies on their operations, marketing, and sales issues, turning would-be costly mistakes into revenue producing successes.

cell: 917-848-6163

skype: michaelgansl


Cannone, Fred

Fred Cannone, Director

P: 347-751-8575

M: 917 417 6707