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Liu, Victor

Kaufman, Louis

Karson, Jerry

NYCIO. provides the leadership, strategic vision, planning discipline, operational oversight and IT management for a growing business’ needs – all on an affordable tailored basis, without the cost or commitment of a full-time CIO.  This service is specifically designed to help SMBs, non-profits, start-ups, and rapidly growing organizations, where poor decision-making and lack of management controls will often lead to higher costs and slower responses to market and customer needs.

Lohwasser, Joe

IT professional who specializes in managing, supporting and implementing information systems.

We support services for PCs, Macs, wired and wireless networks and also for with Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, and Linux operating systems.

Identify, understand and plan for organizational and human impacts of planned systems.
Ensure that new technical requirements are properly integrated with existing processes and skill sets.
Plan a system flow from the ground up.
Interact with internal users and customers to learn and document requirements that are then used to produce business requirements documents.

Cannone, Fred

Fred Cannone, Director

P: 347-751-8575

M: 917 417 6707