Ricks, Matthew

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Financial Advisor at Ameriprise

I believe access to financial advice should not be restricted based on your wealth and that planning within all aspects of your financial life is essential to your financial health. I help clients achieve this through a rigorous process where we identify and prioritize your life goals, their corresponding time frames, allocate available and future monies, and lastly select the investments that align with each goal. This process allows you to shift from being consumed by the day-to-day movements of markets to a more focused long-term perspective of how you want live your life.

Smith, Izak

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Weiss, Ken

Ken Weiss, JD, CFP®

Hug, John

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Kaston, Josh

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Kaston, Joshua

Clearwater Processing, a division of Clearwater Merchant Corp, facilitates credit/debit/check card processing between a merchant and its clients at a 10%-30% savings as compared to the competition. From e-commerce gateways to reoccurring/back office billing solutions, Clearwater offers an entire suite of the latest technology to meet the credit card processing needs of its clients.

Joshua A. Kaston


Clearwater Processing

(a Division of Clearwater Merchant Corp)


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Michael Korn

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Michael Korn, Financial Advisor, National Financial Network

Organizing, building and protecting your financial future through farsighted, integrated planning

      I know what it means to be an “accidental” business owner because I was one myself. My partners and I grew a successful marketing company from scratch to over 70 employees and then sold the company at its peak.  I wish I knew then what I know now. Because we were so busy building the business, we put off addressing the financial planning issues that impacted our personal and business future.
      So, today, my mission is to help busy business owners organize their financial lives today while planning for the future….see website for more information  https://www.michaelkornfinancial.com/

Michael Korn, [email protected]

National Financial Network

O. 646-885-2843, C. 917-887-6050, F.646-876-9567

My Linkedin Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelkornfinancial

Berkman, Paul

Paul Berkman joined AXA Advisors in the fall of 2008, having previously spent close to 40 years in the investment field, mostly as a hedge fund owner/manager.  Paul now works as a consultant to both individuals and business owners on all aspects of financial planning.  For business owners this includes retirement plans, executive benefits, key man insurance, employee benefit packages, business continuation plans, and estate planning strategies.  He works with individual clients to help them grow their assets and protect them against most contingencies.  His company offers unique strategies to protect one’s savings from both the tax man and bear markets.  [email protected] www.axa-advisors.com

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