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Gansl, Michael

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Michael Gansl, “The Seasoned Voice of Reason™ “ is a hands-on entrepreneur and trusted advisor specializing in working with both leaders and teams of individual contributors to implement business development and revenue growth opportunities.

His unique ability is to objectively analyze a situation or problem, break the pieces down to their lowest common denominators, and then rebuild the components and synthesize a solution.

Michael is passionate about how the entrepreneurial spirit works for a small business owner and how he can help them harness that spirit to grow their business.

Michael’s company, Voice of Reason Consulting is focused on working with small business who find growth and increasing revenue a challenge and are open to an outsider taking an inside look at their business. The Company’s mission is to “turn business owners into CEO’s“.

Voice of Reason Consulting  specialties include working with start-ups and more mature companies on their operations, marketing, and sales issues, turning would-be costly mistakes into revenue producing successes.

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Vaccarino, Patricia

Patricia Vaccarino is the founder of Xanthus Communications LLC,
and it’s subsidiary, PR for People.

PR for People® is a company that provides public relations services for individuals and companies seeking personal branding, reputation management and a media relations strategy.

PR for People is a book which teaches you how to use PR to establish and manage your reputation.

PR for People is our website, which provides the tools and features you need to build your professional brand.

PR for People is our monthly business networking events.

And now

PR for People is a magazine. We publish a quarterly magazine – PR for People: the Connector – that is sent to thousands of journalists. You can visit us at:  http://www.prforpeople.com.