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Tarhan, Lance

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My business experience goes back to the early 1980’s, as a small business owner, and has continued to expand through my residential real estate mortgage business, progressing to complicated and difficult to place commercial and business financing, forensic real estate issues including building management, identifying financial strategies for both small business owners, their businesses, and individuals. Helping individuals, who find themselves owning inherited real estate, who have no real estate management experience, is a common case I take on. Deeply networked and considered a highly effective problem solver, I have the capacity to come up with solutions where no solutions have gone before. It is definitely worth running any sort of complex real estate, small business, financing and other financial situation past me in search of a successful solution.

Lance Tarhan NMLS#63835

Senior Mortgage Loan Originator

O 212-351-8025

C 718-541-5469

F 212-380-1928

Lanning, Michael

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Michael Lanning | Mortgage Loan Officer | NMLS# 482237

TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank

Mailstop: NY3-015-000 | 582-586 9th Avenue | New York, NY 10036

T: 917-514-1138  F: 212-247-0938

Website: www.tdbank.com/michaellanning

Email: [email protected]