Chaim Steinberger

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Chaim Steinberger, Esq.,
Divorce & Family-law Lawyer; author of “Divorce Without Destruction,” “The Perils of Prenups,” and “Father? What Father? Parental Alienation and its Effects on Children.”
Mediator, arbitrator, and litigator.  Chair, ABA Family Law Section Custody Committee (2018-2020); ABA Family Law Section Trial Practice & Techniques Committee (2020 – );

Lawyers say that I am, “the Best and the Brightest,” “the best of the best,” “A lawyers’ lawyer,” that I have a “a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the law” and that my “ethical character is of the highest order.”

Clients call me selfless, compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable and say things like, “He made me feel like I mattered”; “After talking to him, talking to other lawyers made me feel like I was talking to . . . three year old[s],” “He is the ‘Einstein of Law’”; “a mind-blowing lawyer who also has a very genuine kind heart”;  “An angel at the final hour . . . . above and beyond . . . . Skillfully and swiftly putting together the varying pieces . . . . there are no words to describe my gratitude.  I am eternally grateful for YOU…your GENEROSITY, your HEART, your THOUGHTFULNESS and your SUPPORT.”

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