VIDEO: B2B Internet Branding

View Michael Schein, Valerie Paik and Petia Bradshaw present on B2B Internet Branding.

VIDEO: Entrepreneurial Thinking in a Changing World – Lew Bader

Lew Bader provides precious insights into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in our fast changing world. Click here to view the video on YouTube

Lew Bader presenting at the Forum

Busy Work: Fresh Perspectives on an Old Problem

Busy Work: Fresh Perspectives on an Old Problem by Dave Bresler

At our latest Around the Horn session, the room was packed with some of the best and brightest minds in Manhattan.

The first person we heard from was an executive who could not find enough time for business development because he was consumed with busy work. The solutions offered from the professionals in the room focused on attitude, behavior, and technique:

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Is Cold Calling Giving You the Chills?

Is Cold Calling Giving You the Chills? By Dave Bresler

{Read in 2.5 minutes} How do we get back to a less digital, more personal kind of marketing? It used to be possible to reach a potential client by picking up the phone and – if you could convince the gatekeeper to put you through – you could gain a brand new connection.

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VIDEO: How to Improve Your Presentation Skills – Mark Hofmaier

Mark Hofmaier presents How to Improve Your Presentation Skills at the Network!Network! Forum.

VIDEO: Data and Identity Security Best Practices – Sean O’Rourke

Sean O’Rourke presents Data and Identity Security Best Practices at the Network! Network! Forum. Security is a big issue today, and Sean offers real solutions for individuals and businesses.


VIDEO: Understanding Decision Dynamics in Family-Owned Businesses – Tamar Gisis

View our video of Tamar Gisis’ presentation at the Network!Network! Forum.


Learning From Your Peers At Network!Network!

Learning From Your Peers At Network!Network! By Dave Bresler

Network!Network! is a New York-based networking group for business leaders from all sectors.

The power of learning from others’ experiences is on full display each time Network!Network! holds one of its 12 monthly roundtables. One of our favorite parts of each meeting is what we call Around the Horn.

During the Around the Horn session, business owners help each other by detailing challenging situations they have faced. The other group members may ask questions to assure that they understand the problem, and then offer an analogous experience they have had, along with the manner in which they dealt with it so that the person with the problem can craft his or her own solution from the experiences of the others. Below we have selected two situations that members have experienced, along with suggested solutions:

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Dealing With Client Who Are Always in Arrears

How do you deal with a client who is always in arrears?   (Summarized from a recent Around the Horn round-table segment.)
Most of us, if we have been in business for any length of time have had to deal with this problem.  You have a client, maybe even a large client, that is always an account receivable.  Sean O’Rourke, founder of Syzygy3, an IT Consultancy, suggests that the first thing you do is change the terms.  If they are net 30, make them net 10.  And, if that doesn’t work, turn off the tap.  Why should you be your client’s bank?Conversely, Fred Cannone, of Telehouse  USA believes that this is a consistent condition of being in business.  Just go with the flow.
Josh Kaston, who runs operations for FA Processing, a Merchant Services Company, suggests that they be converted to Credit Card payments.  That way one can  be paid on demand.  Adam Russ, a litigation partner in the Law Firm of Wasser and Russ offers a discount for payment within 30 days as an incentive for prompt payment.
Paul Pagano of Milberg factors suggest that clients who are poor payers may not be worth the hassle.  And, Fred Gasior, the founder of Team Relocation Management, a commercial move consultant, will bill in advance, to be paid by the move date, if the client is known to be a problem payer.
Carl Bulgini has, in the past, told slow payers that they will now be services by a junior member of the team.  “Sorry, the associate will now be your attorney.”  And, as an extension of this concept, you may either institute a retainer agreement or increase an existing retainer to cover any experienced shortfall or late payment.
But, the consensus is, slow payers are not good clients.

VIDEO: Small Businesses: Big Targets for Fraud – Lindsey Neff

Forum presentation by Lindsay Neff on the ways to protect your business from fraud.


How Logo & Brand Recognition Impact Business Development – Priscilla Baer

Forum presentation on how a professional brand can build recognition for your business and impact your bottom line.

How Small Businesses Can Become Big Players on the Internet

A Forum Presentation by Michael Shein

Network!Network! members enjoyed a presentation on how even small businesses can build a presence on the Internet. Watch the video of the entire presentation below.



VIDEO — How to Make a Killer Elevator Pitch

Network!Network! Forum with Rochelle Lisner

When do you ask for a referral?

The other day, during the “Around the Horn” portion of NN9, one of our round-tables, the problem of when to give a referral was posed.  The discussion was, as usual, lively and chock full of interesting and informative experiences.  Fred Gasior, a moving consultant and the principal of Team Relocation Managment offered that you ask when you get the final check for a project well done.  Mike Gansl, a consultant for small and mid-size businesses offered that, in past project based work that he has done for his company, it was helpful to create a criteria for success that the client signs off on.  You can state in the document that, should the criteria be met, the client will happily offer a referral.  He also offered that you can ask at the beginning of the relationship.  A simple statement like: “If I do the job to your satisfaction, will you be willing to give a referral?”  Andy Korbak, the Biz Dev manager for Cardlytics, a credit card linked marketing company, following Mike’s theme, suggested that the seed be planted early in any relationship so that the client will not be surprised when you ask.  This works with project-based work, but with on-going relationships, Tim Jennings, a financial and wealth advisor with Dynasty Advisors, pointed out that there were multiple opportunities to ask for referrals with long term clients.  In my business, face to face, business to business networking, I ask for the specific referrals am looking for at every meeting:  Attorneys, CPAs, etc.  That way there is no confusion; the members of Network!Network! become accustomed to my requests and often have someone in mind  that they think will benefit from the process when they come to the meeting. There is no right answer.  If you do good work and your clients appreciate the product or service you provide, ask away whenever it appears propitious.  Ask away.