Gansl, Michael

Michael Gansl, “The Seasoned Voice of Reason™ “ is a hands-on entrepreneur and trusted advisor specializing in working with both leaders and teams of individual contributors to implement business development and revenue growth opportunities.

His unique ability is to objectively analyze a situation or problem, break the pieces down to their lowest common denominators, and then rebuild the components and synthesize a solution.

Michael is passionate about how the entrepreneurial spirit works for a small business owner and how he can help them harness that spirit to grow their business.

Michael’s company, Voice of Reason Consulting is focused on working with small business who find growth and increasing revenue a challenge and are open to an outsider taking an inside look at their business. The Company’s mission is to “turn business owners into CEO’s“.

Voice of Reason Consulting  specialties include working with start-ups and more mature companies on their operations, marketing, and sales issues, turning would-be costly mistakes into revenue producing successes.

cell: 917-848-6163

skype: michaelgansl


Lisner, Rochelle

Dynamic Business growth Logo

Are you Story Telling or Boring Telling?

Rochelle-Lisner-portraitIn today’s business world, ideas are a dime a dozen, implementation is priceless! Ideas without implementation is a hallucination. How many of your key initiatives actually make it to the finish line?

I work with business owners and key talent to identify which project, if focused on, would make the biggest difference in their business.

This could be:

1. The necessity to scale key talent

2. Create a new vertical of business opportunity

3. Killer presentations to drive sales success…Are you Story Telling or Boring Telling?

4. The motivation and mindset needed for business today

What area of your business would thrive if there were focus, strategic action and accountability?

Email introduction:

Rochelle Lisner is a business advisor who does trouble shooting in growing sales, scaling key talent and creating a motivating company culture.

The results have been attracting and keeping great talent, creating an environment where people love to come to work and most important, increase revenue.

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Rochelle Lisner
Maximize sales, build business cultures and improve processes for dynamic business growth.
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Kaston, Josh


Kaston, Joshua

Clearwater Processing, a division of Clearwater Merchant Corp, facilitates credit/debit/check card processing between a merchant and its clients at a 10%-30% savings as compared to the competition. From e-commerce gateways to reoccurring/back office billing solutions, Clearwater offers an entire suite of the latest technology to meet the credit card processing needs of its clients.

Joshua A. Kaston


Clearwater Processing

(a Division of Clearwater Merchant Corp)


Michael Korn

Michael Korn, Financial Advisor, National Financial Network

Organizing, building and protecting your financial future through farsighted, integrated planning

      I know what it means to be an “accidental” business owner because I was one myself. My partners and I grew a successful marketing company from scratch to over 70 employees and then sold the company at its peak.  I wish I knew then what I know now. Because we were so busy building the business, we put off addressing the financial planning issues that impacted our personal and business future.
      So, today, my mission is to help busy business owners organize their financial lives today while planning for the future….see website for more information

Michael Korn,

National Financial Network

O. 646-885-2843, C. 917-887-6050, F.646-876-9567

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Ewing, Jim

Wasser Esq., Douglas F.

Douglas-WasserDouglas F. Wasser, a founding partner of Wasser & Russ, LLP, is an AV rated business and real estate attorney with quality experience in commercial real estate, corporate transactional law, mortgage lending, hotel, banking, estate and trust, co-op and condo, litigation and other business areas of law as well as the purchase and sale of high value collectible art.

Doug represents parties who buy, sell and operate properties; lease or sublease office space; lease or sublease retail space; buy or sell businesses, restaurants and professional practices; buy, sell, or operate hotels; obtain or refinance commercial mortgage debt; are organizing or restructuring businesses; are engaged in probate and estate litigation; seek to reclaim funds taken from businesses by fraud; or are engaged in disputes as to authenticity and title to collectible art.

Doug appears frequently as a quoted source in the New York Times and other major print and on-line media on emerging developments in real estate law.
tel: 212.430.6040

Vaccarino, Patricia

Patricia Vaccarino is the founder of Xanthus Communications LLC,
and it’s subsidiary, PR for People.

PR for People® is a company that provides public relations services for individuals and companies seeking personal branding, reputation management and a media relations strategy.

PR for People is a book which teaches you how to use PR to establish and manage your reputation.

PR for People is our website, which provides the tools and features you need to build your professional brand.

PR for People is our monthly business networking events.

And now

PR for People is a magazine. We publish a quarterly magazine – PR for People: the Connector – that is sent to thousands of journalists. You can visit us at:

Thompson, Sallie Mullins

Sallie Mullins Thompson operates a business management consulting practice, providing services to small business owners in the areas of accounting, budgeting, tax, payroll, financial reporting, retirement planning, and telling her clients where their cash went. Additionally, she is licensed to sell insurance – health, life, disability, and LTC – and investment products, such as mutual funds and annuities, through H.D Vest Financial Services Inc.  She holds CPA certificates in New York and Texas, the  AICPA PFS certification, and the CFP designation and has an MBA in Accounting. 212-243-9126

Russ, Adam

Adam RussAdam H. Russ is a litigation partner and co-founder of the New York Law Firm of Wasser and Russ. He is admitted to practice in New York, Massachusetts and Illinois and the US District court, Northern District of Illinois and the Southern and Eastern District of New York.

Mr. Russ represents clients in a wide range of state and federal suits, arbitrations and mediations involving insurance runoff and agency disputes, complex contract and commercial claims, business torts, declaratory actions, bad faith and insurance coverage claims, wrongful termination and employment matters.

Mr. Russ has prosecuted and defended actions for clients in a variety of industries, including insurance, manufacturing, banking, health care, real estate, construction, sanitation, and art dealers/auctions. email: web: 212-430-6040

O’Rourke, Sean

Sean is Director of Operations for Combs & Company, a woman-owned insurance brokerage firm headquartered in NYC. Combs & Co. sits at the intersection of employee benefits, commercial insurance, personal lines, and financial planning, ensuring you are covered at work, home, and everywhere you go. With a knack in the “weird and unusual,” Combs & Co. has insured everything from the food truck outside your building to the movie you’ll soon stream through Netflix. Prior to joining Combs & Co., Sean was co-founder and president of Syzygy 3, Inc., a technology consulting and services firm. You can reach Sean at / 646.736.3737 /

Sean C. O’Rourke

Combs & Company


Cannone, Fred

Fred Cannone, Director

P: 347-751-8575

M: 917 417 6707

Yazejian, Carmen

Network9 Logo

Brand Identity, Website Design, Inbound Marketing and SEO

Clients come to us every day because they struggle to leverage the business opportunity the web can bring. Becoming an influencer, adapting to new technologies and creating powerful language that closes new business is where we step in. Their reputation is at stake and word of mouth is no longer enough.

Staying current is crucial to every business. Who wants to work with a dinosaur? Our 3-step process starts with the brand, is inspired by storytelling, sensational design, and driven by a thoughtful web strategy that supports ongoing business growth.

Your business is our priority.

Your business goals are the core of our marketing strategy and where the real potential is.
Our focus is supported by a full range of disciplines:

  • Brand Design: Creating a narrative that positions businesses as influencers
  • Responsive Website Design (mobile-friendly websites)
  • Graphic Design (Logos, biz cards, trade show banners, brochures, direct mail and more)
  • Sales Presentations that close business (Power Point)
  • Copywriting for web pages, blogs and landing pages
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social media strategy
  • Inbound marketing (Creating content on a regular basis for blog articles, eBooks, newsletters and more)

The contribution we can make to your bottom line is measurable. Our clients have seen increases in their business from 37% to 200%. You can too.

How to refer me! Use this section to cut and paste when introducing network9:

Hi friend,

I network often and sometimes come across people I want to connect with my friends and colleagues. Carmen from Network9 is one of those people.

She is ferocious about her clients using influential language to tell their story and using current marketing technologies. She understands marketing supports business growth and knows how to get clients to open their wallets. She is there with her clients for the long haul.

From websites to presentations to article writing, she has the team to create trust, likability and influence for companies. Definitely contact her and have a cup of coffee.

We build brands people fall in love with.

Portrait-Carmen-YazejianIn a world where everything is about relationships, you can count on Network9 to connect your brand to your ideal client where the response will be “Love at first sight.”

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Berkman, Paul

Paul Berkman joined AXA Advisors in the fall of 2008, having previously spent close to 40 years in the investment field, mostly as a hedge fund owner/manager.  Paul now works as a consultant to both individuals and business owners on all aspects of financial planning.  For business owners this includes retirement plans, executive benefits, key man insurance, employee benefit packages, business continuation plans, and estate planning strategies.  He works with individual clients to help them grow their assets and protect them against most contingencies.  His company offers unique strategies to protect one’s savings from both the tax man and bear markets.

(W) 212-541-1961

(C) 212-920-9615

Where Do Referrals Come From?

Every body, well almost everybody knows that the best leads come from referrals. And, the best referrals come from the people who know your work, the scope of the referral’s requirements and are trusted members of the inner circle.

The next best source of referrals come from ‘Power Partners’. Your power partners, most likely, are professionals in a ‘trusted advisor’ role who know and respect your work and who are trusted and respect by their clients. Traditionally, power partners include, but are not limited to Attorneys, CPAs, Financial Advisors, Bankers, Executive Coaches. But, depending on the industry and marketplace, they could be anybody.

Go outside the box. Graphic/Web Designers may have SEO power partners. Architects may have Commercial RE Agents as PPs (and visa versa). And, I’ve heard of great leads coming from Hair Dressers, Personal Trainers & Custom Tailors. I knew a Residential RE Agent who went to the Concierges at local hotels. Frequently, people who are being transferred will ask them if they know a good agent. Bingo!

And, don’t forget your Vendors. They all know companies who also buy their products and services and who could buy your product or service too.


Boards of Directors of Non-Profits are also a source of leads. Just think about who sits on the board of your favorite charity.

The best unlikely lead source story I ever heard was about a men’s room attendant. (Think about it). A RE broker, in the men’s room, was complaining that his pipeline was rather thin. The attendant, just to be courteous, asked him what business he was in. When he heard, he said “There was just a gentleman in here who was complaining that he was having no luck finding space for his company and he was getting dangerously close to his move date.”

The agent’s ears perked up, his face flushed and he asked the attendant if he would recognize this person. Then he dragged him out into the dining room where he pointed out the prospect. Long story short, the men’s room attendant was the referral source for a 10 year, 50,000 square foot lease in an A building, and a very large commission.

I hope he got a big tip!