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Employment and Landlord-Tenant Background Screening Solutions

Team Screening offers a product and service that delivers the speed and efficiency of a large background check company with the attention to detail and client service of a boutique shop.

Our information is the most current and accurate background information available.

FCRA Compliant * Fast Turnaround Time * Low Cost * User Friendly and Cloud Based System * No Sign Up Fees * NAPBS Approved Member


Key Offerings:

Social Security Number Trace

Criminal Records Search

Nationwide Criminal Database Search

Sex Offender Registry Search

Credit Reports

Motor Vehicle Records

Federal Criminal Records Search

Civil Records Search

O.F.A.C. and Global Terrorists Watch List

Address History

Employment, Residence, & Reference Verifications

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority FINRA

Degree Verifications

International Background Screenig

Drug Testing

Eviction Database Searches