Lanning, Michael

Michael Lanning

Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banker

Michael Lanning is a Private Mortgage Banker with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. He has over 14 years’ experience as a mortgage loan officer. He has worked in various areas of finance prior to originating mortgages.  This diverse employment history brings a unique financial understanding to his clients. His past employment history includes trading foreign currencies at Morgan Stanley, brokering mortgage back securities at Chapdelane Corporate Securities and a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch. 

Michael truly understands your financial needs, and has the knowledge and resources that will allow you to make an informed mortgage decision. His guidance in helping you to choose the right mortgage, which typically is one of the largest and most important financial decision a person can make, is invaluable.  

To accomplish this he has three primary goals as your Private Mortgage Banker; to answer all of your questions about mortgage financing, to simplify your home financing experience while providing you with a high level of service, and to build trusting relationships with you and your family.


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