Gisis, Tamar

“I help executives gain clarity about their business issues and reach decisions that make a difference”

Tamar Gisis combines her advising, facilitation and coaching skills to bring about both profitable business growth and harmonious working relationships. Her unique abilities help CEOs, owners and management teams translate complex challenges into sound and actionable strategies.

Tamar’s clients learn that effective decision-making as their best management tool. With her natural analytical and intuitive skills, along with an extensive business understanding, Tamar helps her clients gain the confidence to take action and get the results they desire.

Working primarily with family-owned and closely held businesses, Tamar guides them through their unique challenges to achieve a balance between company and family needs, while maintaining both family harmony and business success.

Working from a foundation of mutual respect and collaboration, her integrated strategies help clients to plan a successful future for their company, build the legacy they envision and realize a return on their life’s work.

Tamar has close to 30 years of experience as a trusted advisor, planner and business owner. She holds a MS in Manufacturing Business Management and a BSc in Architecture and Town Planning. She is a certified Family Business Advisor and has extensive professional training in related areas such as: Executive Coaching, Organization Design, Mediation, Strategic Management and Creative Problem Solving.

Advisor to Family Owned and Closely Held Businesses
Business Growth Strategies