Vachon, Alex

“Think compelling visual narrative. For you, your brand or your subject.

I am a passionate filmmaker, videographer and director. My unique value proposition is all about “the camera lens revealing something unexpected” and the people and brands I portray in my films and videos that make them memorable. Being bilingual, I work in both English and French.

For 15 years, I have worked with major production companies and broadcasters, in a wide variety of genres and styles, from comedy to documentary.

Based in Manhattan (NYC), I freelance under the brand name of Cartouche Creations LLC and do video marketing for a wide number and range of companies. I produce and direct films, TV shows and online videos for big and small screens.

My Video Marketing Specialties include:

– Video Production
– Video Branding
– Video Strategy
– Video Consulting
– Brand Launch Videos
– How-It-Works Videos
– Testimonial Videos
– Video Blogs (Vlogs)
– Biographical Videos
– Customizable video templates
– Electronic Press Kits (EPK)
– Videography
– Video Optimization Services
– Video Training
– Training in Videography

Television Content:

– Documentary-style programs
– Comedy programs
– On location shoots
– Reality-base shows


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